Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NM Vasquez, 46

Last night, I received a text message from my friend Norlito Bersamina (Gmlet) that NM Andrew Vasquez succumbed to a heart attack. NM Vasquez was 46.

GMlet has a lot of fond stories about Vasquez who was highly instrumental in developing the talent of his son FM Paulo Bersamina.

One interesting story about Vasquez had something to do with his stylish fashion - and that was his usual look in black leather jacket in a military or police stance. The reason for this, as Vasquez revealed to Gmlet, was his desire not to be bullied by bigger guys.

Posturing a Napoleon Bonaparte frame, Vasquez commanded respect especially from those who knew him. I was told that Vasquez was indeed a good man, with no vices at all.

I was able to personally huddle with Vasquez for some time. In fact, I bought my favorite chess set from him, courtesy of Gmlet.

I believe that Vasquez shall always be remembered in the Philippine chess community, especially by people close to him, as a man of integrity and talent.

May he rest in peace and God bless his soul.