Thursday, July 30, 2009

GM Darwin Laylo

No wonder why Zone 3.3 champion GM Darwin Laylo is now the hottest talk of the Philippine chess community.

Just consider his stats in the said event:
- 8.0 points in 9 games
- 7 wins and 2 draws
- 2795 performance rating
- +30.1 Elo points gained

But more than the statistics, it was his warrior-like attitude in the battlefield that endeared him to the Filipino chess fans.

He’s like an untamed bull that, set free from a cage, went rampaging nonstop.

Indeed, he deserved the admiration – earned through his exceptional thirst for blood over the board.

Going over his games in this event from Round 1 to Round 8 (except Round 5,) is a pure entertainment. (PGN of his Round 9 game not yet available as of this posting. But I’m sure, his last round game would be a thriller!)

Laylo’s tactical maneuvers Round after Round were simply entertaining. Replay all his games, and see for yourselves. Click HERE to watch the games. He’s simply a superhuman in this tournament, believe me. For me, it was his best performance in a tournament.

Even if already assured of a slot for the World Chess Championships with still a round to spare, he opted to continue pulling the trigger and overpowered No.2 seed GM Zhang Zhong in the last round.

Now that he conquered Zone 3.3 and earned a ticket to WCC, it’s now a question of consistency, or better, unrelenting improvement, for GM Laylo to reach further heights.

It could be a lonely place for GM Wesley So to be the only super-GM in the country today. Joining Wesley in that super-category is a possibility well within reach.

Good luck, GM Laylo!

Just in case you can't view the games in your browser, here are the PGN files of his games. Enjoy!

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.23"]
[Round "1.10"]
[White "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Black "Tran, Ngoc Lan"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "A36"]
[WhiteElo "2494"]
[BlackElo "2176"]
[PlyCount "85"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. c4 c5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. g3 g6 4. Bg2 Bg7 5. d3 d6 6. e3 h5 7. h4 Nf6 8. Nge2 O-O
9. O-O Bg4 10. Qd2 Qd7 11. Kh2 Ne5 12. f3 Be6 13. e4 Qc8 14. b3 Kh7 15. d4 cxd4
16. Nxd4 Bd7 17. Bb2 Nc6 18. Nde2 Qd8 19. Nd5 Nxd5 20. Bxg7 Kxg7 21. exd5 Ne5
22. a4 a5 23. Nd4 Qb6 24. Rae1 Rae8 25. Bh3 Bxh3 26. Kxh3 Nd7 27. f4 Nc5 28.
Qc3 Kh7 29. f5 Qc7 30. Rf4 Qc8 31. Kg2 e5 32. fxe6 f5 33. Qxa5 Nd3 34. Re3
Nxf4+ 35. gxf4 Rg8 36. Qb6 Qd8 37. Qxd8 Rxd8 38. Nb5 Rge8 39. c5 dxc5 40. d6
Kg7 41. Nc7 Rg8 42. e7 Rxd6 43. e8=N+

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.23"]
[Round "2.7"]
[White "Vo, Thanh Ninh"]
[Black "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A12"]
[WhiteElo "2340"]
[BlackElo "2494"]
[PlyCount "96"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. c4 Nf6 2. g3 c6 3. Nf3 d5 4. b3 g6 5. Bb2 Bg7 6. Qc2 O-O 7. Bg2 a5 8. O-O a4
9. d3 axb3 10. axb3 Rxa1 11. Bxa1 Na6 12. Bc3 b5 13. cxb5 cxb5 14. b4 Qd6 15.
Na3 Bd7 16. Qb3 Rc8 17. Rb1 Ne8 18. Bxg7 Nxg7 19. Nd4 Nc7 20. Rc1 Rb8 21. Qc3
Nge8 22. Nb3 Na6 23. Nc5 Nf6 24. Nc2 h5 25. Ra1 Bc8 26. Ra5 Nc7 27. Qa1 h4 28.
e3 hxg3 29. hxg3 Ne6 30. Qc3 Nd8 31. Ra3 Nc6 32. Kf1 Ne5 33. Nd4 Neg4 34. Ra5
Nxf2 35. Kxf2 Ng4+ 36. Kg1 Qxg3 37. Qd2 Qh2+ 38. Kf1 Rb6 39. Nf3 Rf6 40. Qe2
Kg7 41. Ra8 Ne5 42. Rxc8 Nxf3 43. Bxf3 Qg3 44. Qb2 Qxf3+ 45. Ke1 Qxe3+ 46. Kd1
e5 47. Qg2 Rf2 48. Ne6+ fxe6

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.24"]
[Round "3.3"]
[White "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Black "Bitoon, Richard"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "E12"]
[WhiteElo "2494"]
[BlackElo "2495"]
[PlyCount "63"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6 4. a3 Ba6 5. Qc2 Bb7 6. Nc3 c5 7. d5 exd5 8. cxd5
Nxd5 9. Nxd5 Bxd5 10. e4 Bb7 11. Bf4 Nc6 12. Rd1 Be7 13. Bc4 b5 14. Ba2 Qa5+
15. Bd2 Qc7 16. Qb3 Nd8 17. Qxb5 Bxe4 18. Qe2 d5 19. Bc3 c4 20. Bxg7 Rg8 21.
Be5 Qa5+ 22. Bc3 Qa6 23. Ne5 Bxg2 24. Rg1 Qe6 25. Rxd5 f6 26. Qh5+ Nf7 27. Bxc4
Bxd5 28. Rxg8+ Bf8 29. Bb5+ Kd8 30. Ba5+ Kc8 31. Rxf8+ Kb7 32. Rxf7+

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.25"]
[Round "4.1"]
[White "Bao, Khoa"]
[Black "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D02"]
[WhiteElo "2161"]
[BlackElo "2494"]
[PlyCount "78"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 d5 3. d4 c5 4. c3 Nc6 5. Bg2 e6 6. O-O Be7 7. dxc5 Bxc5 8. b4
Be7 9. a3 O-O 10. Nbd2 Qc7 11. Bb2 a6 12. a4 Rd8 13. Qb1 e5 14. e4 dxe4 15.
Nxe4 g6 16. Qe1 Nxe4 17. Qxe4 Bf5 18. Qe3 Rd3 19. Qe2 Rad8 20. Rfd1 Qd6 21. Re1
e4 22. Nd4 Nxd4 23. cxd4 Qxb4 24. Bxe4 Rd2 25. Qe3 Qxb2 26. Bxf5 Bf6 27. Rab1
Bxd4 28. Qe7 Bxf2+ 29. Kf1 Qa2 30. Re2 Rxe2 31. Qxe2 Qxe2+ 32. Kxe2 Bxg3 33.
Bd3 Bxh2 34. Rxb7 Rd4 35. a5 Ra4 36. Kf1 Rxa5 37. Bc4 Rf5+ 38. Kg2 Bf4 39. Bxa6

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.26"]
[Round "5.1"]
[White "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Black "So, Wesley"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "D79"]
[WhiteElo "2494"]
[BlackElo "2646"]
[PlyCount "26"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 c6 4. Bg2 d5 5. cxd5 cxd5 6. Nf3 Bg7 7. O-O O-O 8. Ne5
e6 9. Nc3 Nfd7 10. Nxd7 Bxd7 11. e3 Bc6 12. a4 a5 13. b3 Re8

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.26"]
[Round "6.1"]
[White "Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son"]
[Black "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "D78"]
[WhiteElo "2592"]
[BlackElo "2494"]
[PlyCount "91"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. c4 Bg7 4. g3 O-O 5. Bg2 c6 6. O-O d5 7. Nbd2 Ne4 8. cxd5
cxd5 9. Ne5 Nxd2 10. Bxd2 Nd7 11. Bc3 e6 12. Rc1 f6 13. Nd3 f5 14. Bb4 Re8 15.
e3 Nb8 16. Ne5 Bd7 17. Qb3 Nc6 18. Bd6 Nxe5 19. Bc7 Qe7 20. Bxe5 Bxe5 21. dxe5
Bc6 22. Rc2 g5 23. Rfc1 Kh8 24. Qc3 Rg8 25. Qd4 a6 26. Bf1 Rg7 27. b4 Qe8 28.
Qb6 f4 29. exf4 gxf4 30. Qd4 Qf7 31. Rc3 fxg3 32. hxg3 Qh5 33. Rxc6 bxc6 34.
Rxc6 Rg6 35. a4 Rf8 36. Qc5 Rfg8 37. Rc8 Qxe5 38. Rxg8+ Rxg8 39. Bxa6 Qe4 40.
Bf1 h5 41. Qe7 h4 42. Qf6+ Rg7 43. Bh3 Qe1+ 44. Kg2 Qe4+ 45. Kg1 Qe1+ 46. Kg2

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.27"]
[Round "7.1"]
[White "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Black "Megaranto, Susanto"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "E32"]
[WhiteElo "2494"]
[BlackElo "2534"]
[PlyCount "73"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ 4. Nbd2 b6 5. a3 Bxd2+ 6. Qxd2 Bb7 7. g3 O-O 8.
Bg2 d6 9. O-O a5 10. b3 Nbd7 11. Bb2 Qe7 12. Qc3 Rfe8 13. Rad1 Be4 14. Rfe1 c6
15. Nd2 Bxg2 16. Kxg2 Rec8 17. e4 d5 18. Qf3 Qd8 19. a4 Rab8 20. Ba3 dxe4 21.
Nxe4 Nxe4 22. Rxe4 Nf6 23. Rf4 b5 24. d5 cxd5 25. axb5 e5 26. Rf5 Qe8 27. Bd6
e4 28. Qf4 Rb6 29. Bc7 Rb7 30. b6 a4 31. Rxf6 gxf6 32. cxd5 e3 33. bxa4 e2 34.
Re1 Qd7 35. d6 Qc6+ 36. Kg1 Qd5 37. Qg4+

[Event "Men"]
[Site "HCMC, Vietnam"]
[Date "2009.07.28"]
[Round "8.1"]
[White "Duong, The Anh"]
[Black "Laylo, Darwin"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D00"]
[WhiteElo "2440"]
[BlackElo "2494"]
[PlyCount "142"]
[EventDate "2009.07.23"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 d5 3. Bxf6 exf6 4. g3 Bd6 5. Bg2 O-O 6. e3 c6 7. Ne2 Nd7 8.
Qd3 Qb6 9. b3 a5 10. O-O a4 11. Nd2 Qa6 12. c4 Bb4 13. Nc3 Nb6 14. Rac1 Be6 15.
Ncb1 Rfd8 16. Qc2 axb3 17. axb3 Qa2 18. Qd3 Qa6 19. Qc2 g6 20. c5 Nd7 21. Nc3
Bf5 22. e4 dxe4 23. Bxe4 Be6 24. Bd3 b5 25. Nde4 f5 26. Ng5 Nf8 27. Nf3 Bxc3
28. Qxc3 Qa5 29. b4 Qa3 30. Rfd1 Qxc3 31. Rxc3 Ra4 32. Rb1 Bd5 33. Bc2 Ra7 34.
Bb3 Bxf3 35. Rxf3 Rxd4 36. Re3 Kg7 37. Bd1 Ne6 38. Bf3 Ra6 39. Ree1 f4 40. Kg2
fxg3 41. hxg3 g5 42. Ra1 Rxa1 43. Rxa1 Rxb4 44. Bxc6 Nxc5 45. Ra5 Rb2 46. Rxb5
Rc2 47. Kg1 g4 48. Rb4 f5 49. Rd4 Kf6 50. Bg2 Nb3 51. Rd6+ Kg5 52. Rd7 h5 53.
Rg7+ Kf6 54. Rh7 Kg6 55. Rh8 Nd4 56. Rd8 Rd2 57. Rg8+ Kh7 58. Re8 Kg7 59. Re7+
Kg6 60. Re8 Ne2+ 61. Kf1 Nc3 62. f3 Kf7 63. Re5 Kf6 64. Re8 h4 65. fxg4 hxg3
66. gxf5 Rf2+ 67. Kg1 Ne2+ 68. Kh1 Nf4 69. Rh8 Rxg2 70. Rh4 Rf2 71. Rg4 Rf1#

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RP performance in Zone 3.3

The Men and Women groupings of the 10-player RP Contingent in Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam produced different results.

It was mission accomplished for the Men’s group, with two of their players getting the two World Chess Cup slots and three of them landing in Top 5 overall.

On the Women’s side, however, our heroic Filipina woodpushers fell short of getting a WCC slot despite putting up a highly gallant stand. They showed a decent performance, though.

Notably, three of our four Filipina players finished the event with identical output and ranked in succession in the final rankings, as if they held each other’s hand up to the end of the battle.

Final Rankings after Round 9

MEN (54 players)

No.1 GM Darwin Laylo (World Chess Cup qualifier) 8.0
No.2 GM Wesley So (World Chess Cup qualifier) 6.5
No.4 GM Mark Paragua 6.0
No.17 IM Richard Bitoon 5.0
No.23 IM Rolando Nolte 5.0
No.27 GM Eugene Torre 4.5

WOMEN (31 players)

No.15 WFM Sherily Cua 4.5
No.16 WFM Shercila Cua 4.5
No.17 WFM Catherine Pereña 4.5
No.23 Daisy Rivera 4.0

Congratulations to all!!

GMs So, Antonio and Laylo to World Chess Cup

For the first time, three Filipinos will represent the country in the World Chess Cup which is set to kick off this coming November in Khanty- Mansiysk, Russia– a historic feat in Philippine chess.

GM Wesley So, GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr., and GM Darwin Laylo will banner the Philippine flag in this highly tough event that will feature world’s top players.

Antonio was first to earn a slot by being among the Top 10 finishers in Asian Continental Chess Championships in Subic in May.

So and Laylo won their slots after an emphatic 1-2 finish in the recently concluded Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam.

The three will join the early list of WCC qualifiers:

a) From World Championship Match 2008
1. V. Anand (IND - World Champion)

b) From World Cup 2007
2. G. Kamsky (USA)
3. A. Shirov (ESP)
4. M. Carlsen (NOR)
5. S. Karjakin (UKR)

c) Women's World Champion 2008
6. A. Kosteniuk (RUS)

d) Junior World Champions 2007 & 2008
7. A. Adly (EGY)
8. A. Gupta (IND)

e) From FIDE Rating List, 20 players, average 7/2008 & 1/2009
09. V. Topalov (BUL) 2786
10. V. Ivanchuk (UKR) 2780
11. A. Morozevich (RUS) 2779
12. V. Kramnik (RUS) 2773
13. T. Radjabov (AZE) 2752
14. P. Leko (HUN) 2746
15. L. Aronian (ARM) 2743
16. S. Movsesian (SVK) 2737
17. D. Jakovenko (RUS) 2734
18. S. Mamedyarov (AZE) 2733
19. P. Svidler (RUS) 2730
20. A. Grischuk (RUS) 2730
21. B. Gelfand (ISR) 272
22. M. Adams (ENG) 2723
23. R. Ponomariov (UKR) 2722
24. Wang Yue (CHN) 2721
25. V. Gashimov (AZE) 2720
26. E. Alekseev (RUS) 2713
27. L. Dominguez Perez (CUB) 2712
28. Ni Hua (CHN) 2707

f) 46 players from European Championships 2008 & 2009

29. S. Tiviakov (NED) 2008
30. S. Movsesian (SVK) 2008
31. S. Volkov (RUS) 2008
32. P. Tregubov (RUS) 2008
33. E. L’Ami (NED) 2008
34. M. Vachier-Lagrave (FRA) 2008
35. B. Grachev (RUS) 2008
36. V. Baklan (UKR) 2008
37. Y. Kryvoruchko (UKR) 2008
38. T. Nyback (FIN) 2008
39. E. Sutovsky (ISR) 2008
40. V. Laznicka (CZE) 2008
41. D. Pavasovic (SLO) 2008
42. Z. Efimenko (UKR) 2008
43. I. Papaioannou (GRE) 2008
44. A. Khalifman (RUS) 2008
45. E. Najer (RUS) 2008
46. D. Andreikin (RUS) 2008
47. G. Sargissian (ARM) 2008
48. J. Gustafsson (GER) 2008
49. L. Fressinet (FRA) 2008
50. I. Smirin (ISR) 2008
51. V. Bologan (MDA) 2008
52. E. Tomashevsky (RUS) 2009
53. V. Malakhov (RUS) 2009
54. B. Jobava (GEO) 2009
55. E. Inarkiev (RUS) 2009
56. I. Sokolov (NED) 2009
57. A. Naiditsch (GER) 2009
58. D. Navara (CZE) 2009
59. M. Kobalia (RUS) 2009
60. G. Guseinov (AZE) 2009
61. G. Meier (GER) 2009
62. F. Nijboer (NED) 2009
63. S. Fedorchuk (UKR) 2009
64. A. Timofeev (RUS) 2009
65. S. Sjugirov (RUS) 2009
66. M. Bartel (POL) 2009
67. R. Mamedov (AZE) 2009
68. B. Savchenko (RUS) 2009
69. K. Sakaev (RUS) 2009
70. N. Vitiugov (RUS) 2009
71. T. L. Petrosian (ARM) 2009
72. L. Nisipeanu (ROU) 2009
73. C. Lupulescu (ROU) 2009
74. A. Motylev (RUS) 2009

g) 44 players from the Continental & Zonal Championships 2008-2009 of Americas, Asia and Africa

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Short draws

Frankly, I was a little bit disappointed – if not frustrated – with the way GM Wesley So treated his games in Rounds 5, 6, and 7 in Zone 3.3. FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam.

He went for a short draw with compatriot GM Darwin Laylo in Round 5 after a dull 14-mover draw.

He then opted to halve the point with GM Zhang Zhong in Round 6, this time much faster in only 11 moves.

And then, he slowed back further by ending the game against another fellow Filipino campaigner GM Mark Paragua in only 8 moves.

Oh boy, three consecutive games all played in only 33 moves – or an average of 11 moves per game.

I am sure that this article will hurt a lot of Wesley fans, I know. But don’t forget that I am speaking, first and foremost, as an avid Wesley fan. I’ll say it again: I am an avid Wesley fan, if not the No.1 fan.

Many will reason out that it’s just his overall strategy - a very well calculated move – to bag a slot for the World Cup. Of course, I agree.

Let’s say he’s there for a specific objective – that is, to bag a slot for World Cup, nothing else. I agree, too.

But oh please, lest we forget, nowadays whenever Wesley participates in a tournament, he no longer does it all by himself. It’s because he brings with him a legion of followers who feel like dying just to watch his games.

Let’s accept it. Wesley is more than a player. More than anything else, he is a national symbol – an icon of excellence and hope.

Amidst this politically fucked up country, he is like a warm ray of the morning sun that can make us smile and feed our spirit to continue hoping for what is good.

His Round 1 draw was just right. But the three consecutive draws in Round 5, 6, and 7 – all played in dull short games – somehow spews cloud to his charm. I just hope that that style of play won’t boomerang against him in the future.

GM Laylo nears World Cup slot

GM Darwin Laylo (2494), the country’s seventh strongest player today, is very much close to bagging one of the two World Cup qualifying slots by erecting six points in seven rounds after pulverizing GM Susanto Megaranto of Indonesia in Round 7 of the Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam.

Undoubtedly the best performer so far in the 10-player RP contingent, the 29-year old Laylo continued his rampage and only needs at least one more point in the next two rounds to secure the slot, if not the championship in this event.

Laylo’s performance is capped by a win over compatriot IM Richard Bitoon in Round 3 and an emphatic win over Megaranto in Round 7 to produce a performance rating of 2730!

If not for his dull 14-mover draw against GM Wesley So in Round 5, it could have been a ‘flawless’ campaign overseas. I can’t blame him, though. Playing against the No.1 seed of the tournament – especially when the name of the opponent in the opposite side of the board is GM Wesley So – is indeed something to think about.

Let’s say it’s just part of his overall strategy. Understandable, indeed. But still, that kind of strategy spews dirt on the aesthetic beauty of chess.

The questions is: can he hold on to his lead? Does he have the tenacity to execute the final kick?

We’ll see. Good luck, Darwin!

Monday, July 27, 2009

GM Antonio to hold simul chess in MERALCO

Play against a Grandmaster and help the Philippine PARA Team (composed of blind and handicapped chess players) at the same time.

You can do that noble act by participating in a simul exhibition to be given by GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Simul Chess Exhibition with GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr.
WHERE: Basement Canteen, Lopez Bldg, MERALCO, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
WHEN: August 1, 2009
TIME: 9:00am
FEE: P500.00 per participant
ORGANIZER: Meralco Chess Club
Contact Person: Mr. Raul Sol Cruz, MCC President (Contact No.: 09228903136)

Proceeds from this activity will all go to the training needs of the Philippine PARA Team.

Your participation will mean so much to our PARA Team which has already brought honors to our country.

This one is for a good cause. Let’s join hands for this.

The Philippine PARA Team with GM Antonio and GM Eugene Torre

Francis Ching (totally blind player) has won gold medals for the country in international events.

Another blind player

And a handicapped player

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giovanni Mejia tops NCFP Chess Age Group Tourney

LA Salle Greenhills (LSGH) elementary top player Giovanni Mejia scored five points to capture the crown in the 14 years old division in the just concluded 2nd leg of National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) director Manuel Relorcasa Age Group Chess Championships last July 25 at the Knights of Columbus in Makati City.

The Taguig City resident Mejia, playing under the watchful eye of LSGH head coach NM Erwin L. Carag will spearhead LSGH in this year’s PRADA and PAYAA Chess Championships.

Paulo Bersamina (4 pts) and Jerad Docena (3 pts) came in second and third respectively.

Rounding up to the top ten are Rommel Romasanta, Bernadette Galas, John Michael Magpily, Nathan Belza, Franz Josiah Torres, Jesther Reano and Joaquin Gatmaytan.

In the 10 year old division, Daryl Unix Samantila scored 5.0 points emerged as the champion over second placer Marie Antoinette San Diego (4 pts).

Michella Felia notch 3.0 points to create a four-way tie for third place together with Andrew Sopungco, Nicole Dela Cruz, and John Cedric Gutierrez.

Other kiddie players who make it to the top ten are Jesca Docena, Elthon Adam Esparagoza, Jesspher Jercan Reano and Danielle Ray Samantilla.

This event is organized by Atty. Vic Aceveda and supervised by arbiters Boyet Tardecilla, Rolly Linan, Rolly Suarez, Eli Carredo and Daniel Tumambing. BY MARLON BERNARDINO.

NCAA 2009 Round 2 results

Results of NCAA Chess Team Championships Round 2:


JRU vs San Beda, 1-3
Mark Ephariam Capobres-John Dionisio, 0-1
Christopher Esmundo-Ian Ferdinand Chua, 0-1
Fernando Mapili Jr.-Ralph Idencio, 0-1
Jaynard Pasia-Mark Monteclaro, 1-0

Arellano vs San Sebastian, 0-4
Yuan Oliver Reyes-Aldous Coronel, 0-1, 37 london
John Patrick Sychangco-Kristian Cristobal, 0-1, 43 english
Erl Buenaventura-John Dimaliwat, 0-1, 17 sicilian
Alec Jade Padua-Anternee Bonifacio, 0-1, 8 giuco piano

EAC-Letran, 0-4
Dexter Saquilayan-Jan Jodilyn Fronda, 0-1, 48 sicilian
Clinton Verano-Cherry Ann Mejia,0-1, 25 sicilian
Jeune Mabanag-Christian Drapete, 0-1, 49 center counter
Rey Mano-Mary Joyce Fuerte, 0-1, 54 sicilian

CSB-LSGH vs Mapua, 3-1
Jan Nigel Galan-Ryan Simbulan, 1-0, 26 petroff
Miguel Lahoz-Mikhail Luja, 0-1, 0-1, English
Emmanuel Songcuya-Marco Rodriguez, 1-0, 27 pirc
Alfonso Baldomero Ramos-Matthew Cheng, 1-0, 21 reti


JRU-San Beda, 1-3
Lesty John de Fiesta-Joseph Navarro, 0-1
Angel Usi-Juan Claudio Castro,0-1
Caruncho Bernardo-Jared Cruz,0-1
Leonard Alberca-Patrick James Ilao, 1-0

Arellano-San Sebastian, 0-4
Aljeray Amar-Jayson Mercado, 0-1
Mark Royce Hetuta-Migel Valenzuela, 0-1
Ryan Santos-Louie Salvador, 0-1
Peter James Tobias-Alexis Maribao, 0-1

EAC-Letran, 0-4
Emman Aragonez-White Guerrero, 0-1
Vejay Porcalla-Jesus Datu, 0-1
Michael Aguilar-Randolph Pascua,0-1
Mark John Marchado-Nino Datu, 0-1

DLS-Saint Benilde-Mapua, 4-0
Jimson Bitoon-Adrian Perez, 1-0
Narquinden Reyes-Ergin Pelayo, 1-0
Renie Malupa-Francis Ligon, 1-0
Narquingel Reyes-Oliver Revalo, 1-0

(Results sent in by NM Marlon Bernardino)

Good fight

Seeing a Filipino beating another Filipino in an international event is an encouraging sign.

If you missed the Round 3 match between GM Darwin Laylo and IM Richard Bitoon in the Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam, then you deprived yourself of one of the beauties of chess.

Personally, I would like to nominate this particular game for the best game award (should there is) in the event.

The way GM Laylo pressed for the all-out attack and the way IM Bitoon fought till his last breath, figuratively, revealed a naked truth that the real beauty in chess is undressed when competitors kill each other - ruthlessly - over the board.

For me, the ultimate winner in Laylo-Bitoon match is Philippine chess. It's the kind of battle - played in an international arena - that we can be proud of to show to the whole world.

Watch it to believe.

NCFP Standard Ratings July 2009

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) has already released the Standard Ratings List for July 2009. Check the list HERE.

Wishing to have an NCFP rating?

Still on chess ratings, the Malibay Chess Club has started to establish a rating system of its own.

2009 NCAA Chess Team Championships Round 1

With a theme “Winning drive @85”
July 25 (Saturday)
Ground Floor, Cyberzone area in SM City Manila
CSB and CSB-LSGH, bye in the first round
Chief arbiter IA/NM Elias Lao



MIT vs EAC 2-2
Ryan Simbulan-Dexter Saquilayan,0-1, 40 reti opening
Jhibraiil Abdulla-Clinton Paulo Verano, 0-1, 47 modern defense
Luc Michael Loja-Jeune Keith Mabawag, 1-0, 46 Bishop Opening
Marlo Rodriguez-Ryan Marlon Mano, 1-0, 48 scotch Opening

Jan Jodilyn Fronda-Yum Oliver Reyes, 1-0, 26 french
Cherry Ann Mejia-John Sychanco, 1-0, 18 queens gambit accepted
Mikee Charlene suede-Earl Buenaventura, 1-0, 24 center counter
Christian Dave Cabida –Alec Jade Padua, 1-0, 23 alapin

Aldous Roy Coronel-Christopher Esmundo, 1-0, 12 caro kann
Arvie Jongko-Patrick Cuevas, 1-0, 44 caro kann
Kristan Cristobal-Ferdinand Mapili, 1-0, 22 english
John Mark Dimaliwat-Jaynel Pasia, 1-0, 42 queens pawn game

Ian Ferdinand Chua-Niko Miso, 1-0, 32 sicilian
Ralph Andrew Idencio-Tristan Dandan, 0-1, 59 london
Mark Lester Monteclaro-marc angelo Manero, 1-0, 21 pirc
John Emil Salazar-Darell Dado, 0-1, 67 pirc


MIT vs EAC,1-3
Adrian Perez-Emman Aragonez, 1-0, 33 slav
Ergin Pelayo-Viejay Porcalla, 0-1, 28 french exchange
Whiz Anthony Noche-Michael Aguilar, 0-1, 24 sicilian
Francis Ligon-Mark John Marchado, 0-1, 48 four knights

CSJL vs AU, 4-0
Chester brian guerrero-aljerau amar, 1-0,26 owens
Jesus alfonso datu-mark hetuta, 1-0,12 queens pawn
Randolph Pascua-tryan santos, 1-0, 25 irregular
Jesus Benjamin lising-peter tobias, 1-0, 9 sicilian

SSC-R vs JRU,3-1

Jayson Mercado-John Lester de Fiesta, 1-0, 25 sicilian
Migel Valenzuela-Edward Basmayor, 1-0, 33 center counter
Louie Salvador-Caruncho Bernardo, 1-0, 27 caro kann
John Albert Bongon-Leonard Alberca, 0-1, 23 irregular

SBC vs UPHSD,2-2
Joseph Navarro-Aurora Kim Dantes, 1-0, 34 sicilian
Jun Claudio Castro-Kris Meliciano, 1-0
Jared Cruz-Jenwin Alconcher,0-1
Rene Villasin III-John Hector Calma, 0-1, 20 french


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Filipino vs Filipino

The collisions between Filipino campaigners in the ongoing Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships are inevitable. The law of strength applies - that is, the Filipinos (Men) are the strongest forces in this event.

After four rounds of play, four of the six Filipino hopefuls are in the Top 10.

Rankings after Round 4
No.1 GM Laylo 4.0
No.2 GM So 3.5
No.6 IM Bitoon 3.0
No.9 GM Paragua 3.0

Again, a Filipino will face a fellow Filipino in Round 5 - GM Laylo vs GM So.

I hope to see a slam bang affair between Laylo and So, just like the breathtaking war between Laylo and Bitoon in Round 3, which Laylo won.

A Filipino winning over a fellow Filipino in an international event is a good sign. It is the ultimate beauty of chess to see best plays between competitors.

In Round 4, GM Paragua halved the point with GM Torre.

I don't want to see a draw between Laylo and So. They should kill each other over the board.

Going into Round 5, it seems that Laylo (4.0 points) has the upperhand over So (3.5). Laylo handles White with a momentum of confidence after a 4/4 performance.

I don't care whoever wins between the two. I just want to see blood between them.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zone 3.3 Round 2 report

The 10-player RP contingent in the ongoing Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam exhibited a very solid +6-0=4 performance in Round 2, reminding the world that indeed the Philippines is the No.1 chess nation in the ASEAN region.

Round 2 wins:
GM Wesley So (Men)
IM Richard Bitoon (Men)
GM Darwin Laylo (Men)
GM Mark Paragua (Men)
WFM Sherily Cua (Women)
Daisy Rivera (Women)

Round 2 draws:
GM Eugene Torre (Men)
IM Rolando Nolte (Men)
WFM Shercila Cua (Women)
WFM Catherine Pereña (Women)

After two rounds of battle, three Filipino campaigners remained unscathed to post 2/2 performance. They are GM Paragua, GM Laylo, and IM Bitoon.

But unlike the not-so-rough struggles being hurdled by the RP Men’s group so far, the country’s women campaigners seemed to have tougher challenges as they are faced against much higher rated opponents especially in Round 3.

WFM Pereña (2092) has been having the “luck” of being paired with strong opponents. She faced No.2 seed WGMNguyen Thi Thanh An (2330) of Vietnam in Round 1 and, as if the hardship was not enough, has to face a sure tough challenge from No.1 seed WGMMunguntuul Batkhuyag of Mongolia in Round 3. Whew!!

Another Filipina campaigner Daisy Rivera (2087) battled No.4 seed WGMSukandar Irine Kharisma (2311) of Indonesia in Round 1 and will face another WGM in the name of No.2 seed WGMNguyen Thi Thanh An (2330) of Vietnam in Round 3.

Just imagine competing with two WGMs in three rounds! That’s the kind of hurdles our heroic Filipinas need to overcome – for the country and flag.

It’s only fitting that we give them the full support that they need.

Zone 3.3 Round 1 report

RP's Men contingent started strong in the opening round of Zone 3.3. FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam by registering a +4-0=2 performance (four wins, no loss, two draws).

Round 1 victories
GM Eugene Torre
IM Richard Bitoon
GM Darwin Laylo
GM Mark Paragua

Round 1 draws
GM Wesley So
IM Rolando Nolte

Considering the Round 1 pairings, though, the Filipino campaigners were expected not to lose based on Elo rating gaps over their opponents.

Let's look at the rating gaps in Round 1 pairings:

GM Wesley So (2646) vs FM Ly Hong Nguyen (2303)
GM Eugene Torre (2560) vs Srivachirawat Kannapon (2256)
IM Richard Bitoon (2495) vs Tran Quoc Dung (2196)
GM Darwin Laylo (2494) vs Tran Ngoc Lan (2176)
GM Mark Paragua (2487) vs CM Nguyen Van Thanh (2173)
IM Rolando Nolte (2458) vs Nguyen Manh Truong (2160)

GM Wesley So's draw with his Round 1 opponent, FM Ly Hong Nguyen cost him very precious Elo 3.8 points - an early thorn in his quest for achieving the 2700+ mark.

In the distaff side, however, our ladies suffered a +0-3=1 output. If not for WFM Catherine Pereña's gigantic draw against WGM Nguyen Thi Thanh An (2330) of Vietnam, it could have been a total disaster for our Women Team.

I personally choose Pereña as the Best Performer in the 10-player RP contingent in Round 1.

Notably, two Indonesians (WGMSukandar Irine Kharisma and WCMSihite Chelsie Monica) lead the rankings after Round 1.

Let's all pray for our campaigners, especially for our Women's Team. Go go go!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camacho out of Zone 3.3

I was surprised to find out that 14-year old Chardine Cheradee Camacho, a bright hope of Philippine chess to become the first Filipina WGM, was out of Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam.

She was earlier reported to be in the line up. Don't know the reason why.

Instead, internationally experienced Daisy Rivera takes her place.

Here's the RP's women contingent:

WFM Sherily Cua (2174)
WFM Shercila Cua (2167)
WFM Catherine Pereña (2092)
Daisy Rivera (2087)

Good luck to our ladies!

1st Mayor Tinnex Jaraula & Butch Pichay Cup

The 1st MAYOR TINNEX JARAULA & BUTCH PICHAY CUP CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP will be held from August 21 - 26, 2009 at the City Tourism Hall located at the Cagayan de Oro City Hall in cagayan de Oro City.

Sponsored and Hosted by the City of Cagayan de Oro, headed by Mayor Constantino "Tinnex" Jaraula, the tournament offers a total of Six Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Pesos in prizes broken down as follows :

CHAMPION P 200,000.00 +Trophy
2nd 100,000.00 +Trophy
3rd 80,000.00 +Trophy
4th 60,000.00 +Trophy
5th 40,000.00 +Trophy
6th 30,000.00
7th 20,000.00
8th 15,000.00
9th 10,000.00
10th 9,000.00
11th 8,000.00
12th 7,000.00
13th 6,000.00
14th 5,000.00
15th 5,000.00
16th 4,000.00
17th 4,000.00
18th 4,000.00
19th 4,000.00
20th 4,000.00

Top Women 1st 6,000.00
2nd 4,000.00
3rd 2,000.00

Top Non-Master 1st 6,000.00
2nd 4,000.00
3rd 2,000.00

Top Under 14 1st 6,000.00
2nd 4,000.00
3rd 2,000.00

Top Senior (55 Yrs above) 1st 6,000.00
2nd 4,000.00
3rd 2,000.00

This Invitational tournament will be participated in by no less than 5 foreign Grandmaster from Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

This will be a 9 round Swiss system tourney with time control of 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move.

For further information, contact the NCFP Office 381-7224, email or NCFP Executive & Events Director Willie Abalos 0928-5513089, 0929-2266210 or 0929-390644. Source: NCFP Website

HDR El Bohemio Non-Master chess tournament

(August 8, 2009) Saturday, 9:00 am
25 Minutes Active Chess
HDR Building, # 32 Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City (in front of Sta. Lucia Mall )

Champion Php12,000
2nd place 8,000
3rd place 5,000
4th place 3,000
5th place 1,000
6th place 500
7th place 500
8th place 500
9th place 500
10th place 500

Champ Php1,500
2nd 1,000
3rd 500

TOP JUNIOR (15 years old- 20 years old)
Champ Php1,500
2nd 1,000
3rd 500

TOP KIDDIE (14 years old and below)
Champ Php1,500
2nd 1,000
3rd 500

Registration :
(Non Master) Php300
(Kiddies /Ladies) 200

For more information please contact: Ms. Pirelli Ramirez 4674241 / 0923504077

Tournament Director : Manny Brofar 09128650730
HDR EL Bohemio Chairman : Harvey del Rosario 09228800196
Event Coordinator : Dr. Jenny Mayor 09194782209



NCAA begins Saturday

THE 85th season of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) chess team championships unfurls this Saturday at the SM Manila in Manila.

Immediately after the opening ceremonies, the team pairings (both senior and junior is the same), Mapua Institute Technology plays Emilio Aguinaldo College, Colegio San Juan de Letran versus Arellano University, San Sebastian College Recoletos goes up against Jose Rizal University and San Beda College will test the mettle of University Perpetual Help Dalta System to cap a busy Saturday for the country’s oldest collegiate league. BY MARLON BERNARDINO.

Pagibig chess in Dubai

Greg Wong, the former president of Malibay Chess Club, provided a link of a very active chess blog called the, a Filipino chess club in Dubai. Please visit the blog, a lot of pictures there!!

It's indeed nice to know that Filipino chess clubs are very much alive and kicking around the globe.

Time to conquer the world.

Pambansang Utak is in Zone 3.3

Here's what Mrs. Leny So, the very supportive mother of GM Wesley's So, had to say about the much talked about Wesley's participation in the Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships in Vietnam:

"Hi. Yes that is true. I learned it yesterday thru text of Mr. Tee while I was in CFO/Controller's Summit in Manila. I do not know the reasons. You may ask Mr. Tee? I think Wesley is now ready, mentally,
physically and emotionally. He must be happy with what he is doing.

leny so"
Do you know the reason why? So that's it folks! We wish the Pambansang Utak all the best!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

17th Shell Active Chess JUNIORS results (Southern Luzon Leg)

17th Shell National Youth Active Chess Championship - JUNIORS
Southern Luzon (Batangas) Leg

Organizer(s) : Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Tournament Director : Alexander Dinoy
Chief or supervising arbiter : IA GENE J. POLIARCO
Arbiters : NA J. Rabe, R. Madayag, R. Cruz, F. Reyes, G. Turqueza, E. Paring, R. Berdera
Town : Event Center, SM City, Batangas
Rating-Ø : 1360
Date : 2009/07/18 To 2009/07/19


Rank Name Pts
1 SALCEDO Richelieu III 6½
3 TURQUEZA Mari Joseph 6½
4 FLORENDO Patrick Erle 6
5 NEBATO Sheider 6
6 PILARTA Wilbert 6
7 TIU Sherwin 6
8 VASALLO Revin Briam 6
9 FLORENDO Joey Albert 6
10 ALCANTARA Aevejohn 5½
11 CHAVEZ Antonio 5½
12 MIRANO Kevin 5½
13 ALFONSO Avhix 5½
14 LAYUGAN Dominique 5½
15 FERRIOL Gerald 5
16 REYES Ferdinand Jr. 5
17 MENDOZA Christian 5
18 NUESTRO Angelo Joshua 5
19 RIVERA Julian 5
20 TANAMOR Mark Anthony 5
21 MARTINEZ Bryan Cyril 5
22 FERNANDEZ Raf Camela 5
23 MALAYBA Eric 5
24 FRONDA Jude Emil 5
25 RAPANOT Alfred 5
26 FLORIN Christian Paul 5
27 FAJILAN John Kenneth 5
28 ZACARIAS John Nicholo 5
29 CONCIO Michaela 5
30 ROMERO Giovanni Cyrene 5
31 UMALI Mark Anthony 5
32 CORANEZ Aldwin 5
33 BERMAS Lemuel 5
34 MAGPANTAY Edison 4½
35 CASIMINA Charmaine 4½
36 FOPALAN Robby Dedrick 4½
37 SALAZAR Sherico Gello 4½
38 ABANES Raymond 4½
39 NERI Susan Grace 4½
40 GUMAPAC Elaine 4½
41 INOCENCIO Jan Michael 4½
42 CASTILLO Pamela Marie 4½
43 ANDAL Mary Kay Camille 4½
44 SAMANTE Louie 4½
45 ORONA John Noel 4½
46 BUCCAT Oscar James 4½
47 ABANES Raymart 4½
48 CASIL Daniel Jr. 4
49 SONGCUYA Emmanuel Eumir 4
50 CRISMO Joshua Hesed 4
51 BADIQUE Frank 4
52 AYANO Joseph Deo 4
53 FALO Daniel John 4
54 MOSCOSA Darryl 4
55 DE TORRES Ruperto 4
56 VILLAMORA Earl John 4
57 DE SILVA Ezel 4
58 LIBONGCOGON Leonard Bee 4
59 MAGNO Julius Picolino 4
60 CALATA Joseph Bryan 4
61 BAYBAY Jerome Angelo 4
62 CASAO Kenneth Calieh 4
63 CAAWAY Bradford 4
64 TEJADA Arvin 4
65 EBORA Melissa 4
66 FAVIS Ryan 4
67 FLORES Rondel Jay 4
68 DE ASIS Eduard 4
69 ATIENZA Gladys 4
70 CRUZAT Jerich 4
71 DOMINGO Ernesto Jr. 4
72 VILLAN Reichelyn 4
73 NANOLA Sarah Jane 4
74 FRANE Gerald Christopher 4
75 JAVIER Guilbert 4
76 ROGEL Raymond 4
77 ANTONIANO Rechelle 4
78 MAGTIBAY Francis Gerard 4
79 VALEROS Nikko 4
80 MORADA Neil Abuel 3½
81 ORTIZ Alexis 3½
82 JAVIER Christian 3½
83 RIVERA Bernadette 3½
84 GERON John Braylle 3½
85 GUTIERREZ Anjerico 3½
86 WHIGAN Eunice Joy 3½
87 ROSALES Allen Jesse 3½
88 NITRO Feineil Efhraim 3½
89 BAES Olegario Jr. 3½
90 CASAS John Ezekiel 3½
91 ROMIAS Paul John 3
92 NUESTRO Angelo Ezekiel 3
93 HUMILDE Brendo 3
94 OBADA Jonas Bryan 3
95 CASTRO Rossian Mei 3
96 TOMBO Arvie 3
97 MENDOZA Ludy 3
98 CASAS Jerome 3
99 VILLAROSA Lewelyn 3
100 TORRE Marvin 3
101 SORIA Joenald 3
102 CRISOSTOMO Von Carlo 3
103 MAGHIRANG Jayson 3
104 CALDOZA Melanie Clairre 3
105 NANOLA Joanna Joyce 3
106 CUETO Analyn 3
107 ROSALES Aron Jorge 3
108 CRUZ Jay 3
109 GUALBERTO Kevin 3
110 CARINGAL King Ariel 3
111 REN Emil Adrian 3
112 BESMONTE Francis 3
113 AGUADO Joe 3
114 TIPA Emmanuel John 3
115 BARONIA Paul Albert 3
116 BARRENECHEA Jeconiah 3
117 CADANO Ara Joy 3
118 PURINO April 3
119 ROSIMA Leo 2½
120 ORONAN Mark Joseph 2½
121 COMETA Rodney 2½
122 BIBAS Jonas 2½
123 BAYLE Joe Kevin 2
124 PESALBON Jeffrey 2
125 AGUADO Joseph 2
126 FAVIS Ronnie Boy 2
127 ATIENZA Ailyn 2
128 BANAAG Kenneth 2
129 AGUADO Jennifer 2
130 MEDINA Micah Andrea 2
131 ABUCEJO Rhenz Kevin 2
132 GERONIMO Win Caryl 2
133 AGTAY Mark Anthony 2
134 CAUBANG Angelica 2
135 VILLACAMPA Aljhun 1½
136 ERNIDILLA Christian 1½
137 UMPAD Sherwin 1½
138 MARASIGAN Angelbert 1½
139 CATACUTAN Mark Kevin 1½
140 ATIENZA Sanrio 1½
141 BARROT Christine Louella 1½
142 BLANCO Alvin John 1½
143 DELOS SANTOS Alvin 1½
144 MENDOZA Rovelly Joy 1½
145 MARANAN Symon 1
146 BELEN John Phol 1
147 BERANA Abigael 1
148 BASIT Mark Anthony 1
149 SERVA John Kevin 1
150 BABASA Angel John ½
151 BABO Jose Christian ½
ROSALES Kevin Roy ½
153 MIRAFLOR Clyde Patrick ½
154 AGUADO Mark ½
BELEN Alexsander ½
156 PARALA Prince Andrew ½
157 DIAZ Mark Joseph 0
158 FALCULAN Delsie 0
159 ARCEGA Khristine Gail 0
CUETO Jose Carmelo 0
ORDONEZ April Jonathan 0
162 TORIO Kent Garret 0
ALIDO Ardenn 0
ENCONADO Alona Mae 0
LINA Cleo 0
167 ATIENZA Nino Brix 0
BARTE Charmane 0
CRUZ Cham Casper 0
FERNANDEZ Crystal Yara 0
LOMIO Mark John 0
MANALO Mark Angelo 0
174 SANTIAGO Reggie Mel 0
DE RAMOS Eugenio 0
VILLENA Grace Angelica 0
177 NUDALO Gerry Paul 0
ALCANO Jose Angela 0
MAGADIA J. Patrick 0
MANALO Vince Renjay 0
183 ALZATE Neil Brian 0
GLUICO John Michael 0
LOPEZ Jerico 0
MAGSINO Mary Llyresa 0
MENDOZA John John 0
188 BERNARDO Carn 0
189 ASCAN Adrian Giovanni 0
190 ULANDAY Kevin Paolo 0
191 ALBARAN Mike Angelo 0
MALIGALIG Christine Mae 0
193 OCAMPO Dianne Estefanie 0
UNTALAN Doris Gay 0

Monday, July 20, 2009

17th Shell Active Chess KIDDIES results (Southern Luzon Leg)

17th Shell National Youth Active Chess Championship - KIDDIES
Southern Luzon (Batangas) Leg
Organizer(s) : Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Tournament Director : Alexander Dinoy
Chief or supervising arbiter : IA GENE J. POLIARCO
Arbiters : NA J. Rabe, R. Madayag, R. Cruz, F. Reyes, G. Turqueza, E. Paring, R. Berdera
Town : Event Center, SM City, Batangas
Rating-Ø : 1242


Rank Name Pts
1 NANOLA Christian 7
2 PEREZ Carl Angelo 6½
3 BERSAMINA Paulo 6½
4 DOCENA Jerad 6
5 COBSILEN JR. Clifford 6
6 MEJIA Giovanni 6
7 ROMERO Gladys Hazelle 6
8 REANO Jessther 6
9 CASIANO Paul Benjamin 6
10 GERONIMO Noel 6
11 DULAY Dave Patrick 6
12 MERILLES Zejih Angelo 6
13 EVANGELISTA Paulbert 6
14 CABUAL Dino Divino 6
15 SAN DIEGO Marie Antoinette 6
16 CONCIO Michella 5½
17 MERILLES Nezil Arj 5½
18 TAN Highryll CJ 5½
19 LAYLO Nathaniel Mathew 5½
20 YAON Michelle 5½
21 VILLA Enrica 5½
22 TABOL Rica Angela 5½
23 MANANSALA Michael Angelo Ii 5
24 CUENCA Chester Ian 5
25 DE JESUS Normel Benigno 5
26 LEYCANO Dan Andrei 5
27 TABOL Ana Margarita 5
28 PANGILINAN Stephen Rome 5
29 JALLORINA Alder Baldwin 5
30 MORONG Johnry 5
31 MARGARITO John Eric 5
32 SUMAGUE Franzy Cress 5
33 MENDOZA Shania Mae 5
34 MORTEL Jamaica 5
35 OSENA Alexis Anne 5
36 LAYLO Marvin Dave 5
37 MENDIOGARIN John Vhictor 5
38 SAN JUAN Nastasha Michelle 5
39 RILLAROZA Istraelito 5
40 MERCADO Christian Jay 5
41 MENDOZA Jesiah 5
42 MENDOZA Jerwin 5
43 QUIATCHON Francis Gabriel 5
44 MARCELLANA Mark James 5
45 DE LEON Luke Matthew 5
46 ROMASANTA Rommel 5
47 FRONDA Jusmel Christian 5
48 CABUGAO Earl Nathaniel 5
49 DELFIN Mary Anne Janette 5
50 MENDIOGARIN Jhoemar 5
51 GALAS Bernadette 5
52 SORIANO Delfin Jaime 5
53 SOL CRUZ Raul Jr. 5
54 RUBIS Patrick Anthony 5
55 GUTIERREZ Francis Zam 5
56 LEGASPI Jhonel 5
57 CASIANO Martina Sophia 5
58 SABULARSE Julian 5
59 CARANDANG Theodor 5
60 FILLARO Jo Daryl 5
61 CASAO Ivy Raquel 4½
62 GUICO Shayxanthe Lois 4½
63 LANDICHO Maverick John Michael 4½
64 PRADO Davemar 4½
65 SAN JUAN Ma. Mae-Bel Grace 4½
66 MOSTER Wilson 4½
67 MAGBILANG Anabelle 4½
68 ATIENZA John Michael 4½
69 CAUNCA Louie 4½
70 HERNANDEZ Mark Joseph 4½
71 TORRES Hermie 4½
72 DE LEON Dominique Dave 4½
73 PARING Lemuel 4½
74 ALCANTARA Michael Solomon 4½
75 PELAEZ Jamuel John 4½
76 MAME John 4½
77 DIOKNO Jonathan Paulo 4
78 VERANO Dante Leonardo 4
79 MAGPILY John 4
80 ABERIN John Mark 4
81 ARUGAY Nikodemus 4
82 SUMAGUE Franzes Cress 4
83 OPULENCIA Paul Keno 4
84 MANALO Jerwin 4
85 MAGBILANG Anastacio Jr. 4
86 MAGO John Carlo 4
87 ZACARIAS Julius Troy 4
88 ABUCEJO Francis Albert 4
89 BAUAL Brent Ivan 4
90 CALINDAS Roland Paolo 4
91 MAGO John Paulo 4
92 JOTA Jonathan 4
93 CALINGASAN Bryan Carlo 4
94 PANTIA Gian Karlo 4
95 LAT Jose Lorenzo 4
96 DE AUSTRIA Mark Anjelo 4
97 DIVINAFLOR Daren Angelo 4
98 BALDOVIA Avel Louise 4
99 MAME Paul 4
100 TORIO Kent Howell 4
101 GONZALES John Paul 4
102 AMATORIO Rafael 4
103 DEL MUNDO Ram Adolf Stalin 4
104 GUMASIN Manolito 4
105 MACALALAD Jeld Andrew 4
106 DADUA Jerickson 4
107 GRAVILLO Narciso Jr. 4
108 BAES Rey 4
109 CUA Aaron Jel 4
110 MAGTIBAY Denver 4
111 TUMAMBING Kim Philip 4
112 TECSON Jessielyn 4
113 TINAJA Francis Leonard 4
114 PEREZ Remdee Angiel 4
115 LANDICHO James David 4
116 ESPINO Lee Francis 4
117 LOPEZ Ralph Angelo 4
118 SULTAN Neul 4
119 MALIBIRAN Von Carlo 4
120 BERMEJO Arturo Iii 4
121 SERBETO Ivanne Roosevelt 4
122 RUBIS Ryan 4
123 MARASIGAN Ian Kenneth 4
124 BLASTIQUE Johannah Mae 4
125 AMORADO Vincent John 4
126 DE TORRES Crisanto 4
127 AUSTRIA Camille 4
128 REYES Dandel Dave 4
129 CLAUS Rubelito 4
130 LIGPITAN Aaron 4
131 CHUA Joshua 4
132 MARTIN Vien Marwin 4
133 CERVANTES Rose Ann 4
134 CARAIG Chris Ryan 4
135 VILLAFLOR Ralph Vittorio 4
136 GARCIA Neil Graham Bhel 4
137 BAUTISTA Rothsen 3½
138 PRADO Raymond George 3½
139 BUHAT Philip 3½
140 PANGANIBAN Rey Anthony 3½
141 PRADO Arbie Angela 3½
142 CUA Ken Vriane 3½
143 ALVAREZ Denzel 3½
144 ESPARRAGO Saira Anne Micah 3½
145 BAY Misael Andre 3½
146 BICOL Jonas Angelo 3½
147 COLADILLA Vincent Paolo 3½
148 VILLAMOR Gabriel Adrian 3½
149 BALMES Ivan Macdowell 3½
150 BRIONES Bon Patrick 3½
151 ACOB Iris Jane Clarisse 3
152 ACORDA John Kenneth 3
153 GUICO Neil Ian Jay 3
154 LLAMAS Robin Josef 3
155 DIVINO Mark Freddierick 3
156 MARCIAL Paul Marvin 3
157 UY Kyle Steven 3
158 DIMAANO Dona Allaisa Rafaela 3
159 CASIANO Ma. Alessandra 3
160 MELGAREJO Lance Amiel 3
161 VILLENA Ser Michael John Clester 3
162 GARCIA Aizra 3
163 MARCELLANA Jan Erlson 3
164 MAGADIA Mark Joseph 3
165 GABAISEN Carmela Adel 3
166 JIMENEZ Maria Tracey 3
167 LONTOC John Robert 3
168 PABITO Christian Marjun 3
169 PEREZ Daniel 3
170 ALEDO Dylan 3
171 GUICO Japheth Jeuel 3
172 VILLEGAS Miguel Angelo 3
173 BINUYA Lester 3
174 GUIZZAGAN Zchiaina Gie 3
175 BAUTISTA Kristian Erick 3
176 MALABANAN Julius Jay 3
177 BABAAN Jennieveive 3
178 DE TORRES John Paul 3
179 LONTOC Jerome Rovic 3
180 ARADA Inigo Manuel 3
181 ALDAY Francis Nicoli 3
182 ALVAREZ Kelvin 3
183 DALISAY John Amiel 3
184 TOLENTINO Robert Jacob 3
185 DIVINAFLOR Daniel Christian 3
186 LIRA Celso Josh 3
187 PINGUL Grant Earl 3
188 RONQUILLO Cassaundra Mae 3
189 GARCIA John Paulo 3
190 PASNO Shareena Katrin 3
191 ROSALES Jannas Gabriel 3
192 REANO Jesspher Jerun 3
193 CRUZ Jorge Christian 3
194 ROSALES Marjure 3
195 BAYAN Maria Angela 3
196 AGUIHON Louie 3
197 CANTOS Mary Grace 3
198 SAN DIEGO Mikka Paulene 3
199 MENDOZA Nea Czarina 3
200 CARINO Lorien 3
201 PEREZ John Ronald 3
202 MALABANAN Christian 3
203 ABRIL April Angel 3
204 VALENCIA Tricia Pearl 3
205 MANANSALA Mikylla 3
206 YAP Mark Niel 2½
207 DALANGIN John Gabriel 2½
208 MONTEALTO Patrick Jay 2½
209 GARCIA Arla 2½
210 DE VILLA Rendell Mori 2½
211 MENDOZA Elle Krizia 2½
212 ZALDIVAR Rodel 2½
213 CLAVERIA Donn Gm 2½
214 SOMBILLA Karla 2½
215 ROSALES Imanuel Benj 2½
216 DE CHAVEZ Mark Jude 2
217 DE TORRES Jonathan Patrick 2
218 COMETA Darwin Nino 2
219 MARGARITO John Andrew 2
220 REYES Darren-Paul 2
221 DONGUINES John Fleer 2
222 MENDOZA Renz Ryan 2
223 OMILLO John Mark 2
224 MALABANAN Imee 2
225 MORTEL Elynaih 2
226 AGUILA Mel Edmond 2
227 CUETO Arrabelle 2
228 CATACUTAN Mark Kenneth 2
229 MACATANGAY Ariane Faith 2
230 AGUADO Maynard 2
231 RONQUILLO Chris Angel 2
232 AGUADO Alison Rhalan 2
233 CRISTOBAL Gian Harvey 2
234 ACOSTA Daniel 2
235 DISEPEDA Jude Wilson 2
236 DE CASTRO Eunice Rachele 2
237 BAYAN Maria Lisa 2
238 ADALLA John Marvin 2
239 IBANEZ Charlene 2
240 VALENCIA Hannah Pearl 2
241 AGUILERA Chelsie 2
242 CAROLINO Chino 2
243 MALIGAYA John Marco 2
244 MAKALINTAL John Patrick 2
245 BAGSIT Ivan Junel 1½
246 FARINAS Hannah Paula 1½
247 BARTE Monica 1½
248 ORTANEZ Jenika Jane 1½
249 BALSAMO Jan Timothy 1½
250 BALINA Johanna Lea 1½
251 ACOSTA Danuel Paul 1½
252 AGUADO Maria Fatima 1½
BALINA Mel Marciano 1½
254 NAVARRO Daniel Vincent 1½
255 EVANGELISTA John Aeron 1½
256 SUAREZ Caryn 1½
257 SANTOS John Lloyd 1½
258 RAMA Mark Ivan 1½
259 TINGOHOY Ryan Vincent 1½
260 FERNANDEZ Crystal Zara 1½
261 CONCIO Miguel Christian 1
262 BARTE Wendy 1
263 RILLAROZA Christian 1
264 FALQUEZA John Paul 1
265 RIVERA Hazel Imee Almira 1
266 ASPIRAS Bea Eunice 1
267 ESGUERRA Marvie Lyn 1
268 FALTADO John Paulo 1
269 EROA Justine 1
270 WONG Jordan 1
271 TOLENTINO Jester Paul ½
272 GILERA Ma. Jerille ½
273 GABI Henrich ½
275 VERGARA Sudama Krishna Das ½
276 JAVELLANA Eulina 0
277 DIMAANO Danica Pauline 0
GARCIA Christopher Vincent 0
279 JIMENEZ Wilmark 0
280 CLARETE Ernesto Jr. 0
281 FRANE Joshua 0
GUTIERREZ Alexander 0
ORTEGA Sharmaigne 0
VIERNES Tucker Howard Elsteine 0
285 BESMONTE Francis 0
LOZANO Arvie 0
BUCANEGRA Derick James 0
PALACIO John Christer 0
SALONGA John David 0
290 ISABEDRA Gian Vincent 0
291 CASA Ceejay 0
NAVARRO Christian Michael 0
RELATIVO Paul Carlo 0
295 BENDANA Eloisa 0
296 BONIFACIO Anfernee 0
ALBUERA Felix Kaiser 0
BEREDO Jomar 0
301 ROSALES Queeny Ron 0
302 BEBASA Angel Jan 0
BONIFACIO Joribene 0
MAGNAYE Junar Ian 0

Zone 3.3

Eight Filipino campaigners (4 Men, 4 Women) are all set to compete in the Zone 3.3 FIDE World Chess Championships which will run from July 22 to 30 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

No.4 GM Eugenio Torre
No.9 IM Richard Bitoon
No.10 GM Darwin Laylo
No.11 GM Mark Paragua

No.11 WFM Chardine Cheradee Camacho
No.12 WFM Sherily Cua
No.13 WFM Shercila Cua
No.18 WFM Catherine Pereña

It was erroneously reported here that GM Wesley So will participate in the event. (The correct story was posted on fellow chess blogger's blog HERE.)

A total of 88 participants from eight countries (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) will see action in this event.

The top two finishers (men and women) will qualify for the World Cup slated in November in Russia.

In case two Filipinos land on the top spots, hopefully, it will be a history in the making for having three Filipino qualifiers (in the men's) in the World Cup, the other one being GM Rogelio Antonio who already secured a slot by finishing in the top 10 in the Asian Continental Chess Championships in Subic recently.

Calendar of events

Based on the calendar of events released by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) for 2009, four regional eliminations for the 3rd Asian Indoor Games were set to be staged this month (July).

July 11-12
Region 13/CARAGA (Butuan City)

July 17-19
Region 10 (Gingoog City)

July 25-26
Region 8 and Region 12 (Tacloban City)

It’s good that there were online reports on the concluded regional eliminations in CAR, Region 1, Region 2, Region 4, and Region 5.

But we are yet to see reports on the regional eliminations for Region 13/CARAGA.

The national semi-finals is scheduled on August 6 to 8 at Victory Central Mall in Caloocan City.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best of 2008

Chess journalist Bobby Ang (Chesspiece, Businessworld July 20, 2009 issue) identified three games which he termed "Best of 2008." Let's look at the games and decide for ourselves if indeed those games are "Best."

Best Game of 2008

2nd Best Game of 2008

3rd Best Game of 2008

Young Pinoy chess stars on TV

The Mel & Joey talkshow of GMA 7 featured last night (July 19) the recent successful international campaigns of 6-year old Stephen Rome Pangilinan and 14-year old Cherry Anne Mejia.

The interview zoomed in on Pangilinan’s victory in GM Susan Polgar’s Under 8 competition in the US and on Mejia’s conquest of the 10th ASEAN Age-Group Championships in Vietnam.

It’s really refreshing to hear inspirational stories especially about the heroic accounts of our dear kids.

Do you believe that inspirational stories can move people, and even contribute to social change for the better?

GM So to compete in big chess events

It was earlier reported - and even much talked about among die-hard Wesley fans - that GM Wesley So will skip the Zonal (3.3) chess championships this week in Vietnam.

But wait, NM Marlon Bernardino released a new story which I believe is the most updated status about GM So's decision.

Let's read:

"FILIPINO brightest hope GM Wesley So will have his hands full when he competes in a series of world-class tournaments abroad.

The 15 year old Bacoor, Cavite whiz kid, whose stint is supported by NCFP president Prospero “Butch” Pichay Jr., NCFP secretary-general Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino Jr., Filway Marketings Inc. CEO/President Hector “Chito” Tagaysay and businessman Reginald Tee is scheduled to play in the Zone 3.3 Chess Championships 2009 on July 22 to 30 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in another bid to qualify for the World Chess Cup (World Chess Championships) in Khanty, Mansiyk, Russia on November 20 to December 15.

Joining Wesley in the Zone 3.3 Chess Elims are GMs Eugene Torre, Mark Paragua, Darwin Laylo and IM Richard Bitoon. So far, lone Filipino qualifier is GM Rogelio “Joey” Antonio Jr. for the World Chess Cup.

So also scheduled to play in the Group A of Susan Polgar’s Spice Chess Cup Open 2009 on September 19 to 29 at the Texas Tech University, USA.

So, who continues to lord over the national rankings with record 2646 rating and is currently 94th overall in the world, based on FIDE's July ratings release is fresh from China stint last week.

Wesley is also at the seventh spot among the highest rated juniors in the world

"I won my first game against Wang Chen (2400) and drew against Xiu Deshun(2515) in 2nd round," Wesley confirmed in an email to chessph. Wesley raised his total score to 4 points (+3 -1 =2), with an average opponents' rating of 2477 during the Chinese Chess League 2009.Wesley has scored 2.5 points (+2 -1 =1) for the Bank of Qingdao in the past installment of the league. He lost against GM Zhang Pengxiang (2638) in round one, drew with GM Zhao Jun (2560), and won against GM Wu Wenjin (2412) and Xu Hanbing (2339) in rounds three and four, respectively. Wesley's teammates are International Masters (IM) Tong Yuanming (2502) and Liu Qingnan (2426), Sun Fanghui (2146), and Women GM Nebolsina Vera (2302).

Unfortunately, So was not paired with other prominent participants in the League, namely: GMs Wang Yue (2738) for Tianjin, Ni Hua (2724) for Shanghai, Bu Xiangzhi (2704) and Hou Yifan (2590) for Shangdong, Wang Hao (2696) for Hebei, Alexander Motylev (2677) for China Mobile Group Chongqing Company Ltd, Ernesto Inarkiev (2676) for Qingdao Yucai, Alexey Dreev (2668) for Zhejing, and Arman Pashikian (2655) and Li Chao (2643) for Beijing."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

World Games 2009

I was able to watch on TV the opening ceremony of the World Games 2009 which was set to run from July 16 to 26 in Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei).

I was indeed excited to think that chess is part of the World Games and even hoped to see some of our leading chess players in the list of participating athletes.

But oh my, it is only today that I discovered that chess is not part of World Games. Oh yeah, chess is also not part of the Olympics. (Click HERE for a backgrounder on the World Games.)

Which made me realize that chess has its own Olympics – the Chess Olympiad. Chess is that special, you know (Pacquiao style).

Talking of the Chess Olympiad, it was the 38th edition in Dresden, Germany that impressed me most in terms of organizing, execution, and media coverage.

How I wish the Philippines could afford to make such kind of hosting. Our first (and hopefully not last) taste of hosting the Olympiad was in 1992 (30th Chess Olympiad) which was ruled by the Russians, Uzbeks, and Armenians, in that order.

I know that hosting a Chess Olympiad is tall order. But with a truly effective and committed official Philippine chess federation, it could be accomplished – again, and much better.

I won’t really be surprised if Vietnam is able to host a successful Chess Olympiad in the near future – in a fashion much better than we did in 1992.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pinoy chess bloggers

Meet three of the very few Philippine chess bloggers: rusticbull (malibaychessclub); catolos (chessheroes); and pulsar (chessph).

[How we wished Kiko of philippinechesschronicles were with us.]

Any idea on what we talked about when we met each other face-to-face?

Of course, chess – but more specifically on the blogging life of a chess blogger.

We asked ourselves: why do we blog about Philippine chess? Believe me, we could not readily give the answers to our own questions.

Why do we have to take pains in giving our efforts, time – and even financial resources – in writing about Philippine chess with nothing in return?

Our faces were blank.

But we were in unison in saying that we should be of service to you – our dear avid readers – who keep on coming back to our blogs for news and updates about our chess heroes.

We treat it as a self-imposed mission to keep you informed of the events, happenings, direction, goals, aspirations and dreams of the people and institutions that encompass Philippine chess.

So keep on journeying with us as we all explore the beauty of this sport that has become a significant part of our lives.

SSS retains GCAA crown

(Standing) Conrado Costinar Jr., Alfred Pangilinan (overseer), Charlie Suyom, Dioniver “Bubot” Medrano, Carl Espallardo, Rey Valencerina, Robert Gene Mariano, Dennis Demit (sitting), Kristoferson Ursal, Lito Bancaso (Asst.Coach), Emil Concepcion (Coach), Arvin Olorvida, Rene Damaycos

Final Ranking:SSS-28.5 points; PAGCOR-26 pts.; LBP-22 pts.; NFA 17.5 pts.; PCSO, LWUA 12 pts.; PTA 8 pts.

SOCIAL Security System (SSS) blasted Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), 4-2, in the seventh and final round to retain their GCAA (Government Corporations Athletic Associations) Chess Team Tournament title was held recently at the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) in Katipunan Avenue, Balara, Quezon City.

SSS chess squad headed by Dioniver “Bobot” Medrano finished a total of 28.5 points in this seven team tournament.

“It'll take a lot of hard work but if you set your mind to it, you can do it"
said, Medrano.

Aside from Medrano, other member of the SSS chess team are Conrado Costinar Jr., Carl Espallardo, Robert Gene Mariano, Dennis Demit, Kristoferson Ursal,, Jose Charlie Suyom, Arvin Olorvida, Rey Valencerina, Dennis Demit, Alfred Pangilinan (overseer), Rey Valencerina, Rene Damaycos, Emil Concepcion (Coach) and Lito Bancaso (Asst.Coach).

Meanwhile, PAGCOR bannered by Ravel Canlas defeated Lank Bank of the Philippines (LBP), 4.5-1.5, to finish solo second place with 26.0 points while National Food Authority (NFA) at the helm is Zaldy Tan trounced Philippine Tourism Authority, 4-2, to settled third place finish with a total of 17.5 points.

Adjudged individual gold medalist winner were board 1 Conrado Costinar Jr.(SSS), board 2 Carl Espallardo (SSS), board 3 Rene Quito (PAGCOR), board 4 Arvin Olorvida (SSS), board 5 Cyrus Atienza (LBP), board 6 Melchor Manubay (PAGCOR), and best alternates Baltazar Yuzon (PAGCOR).

IA/NM Elias Lao served as chief arbiter in the said chessfest hosted by NCFP president Prospero "Butch" Pichay Jr., also the chairman of the board of Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). BY MARLON BERNARDINO.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

US Senior Master to play in Meralco

US Senior Chess Master John Daniel Bryant will hold a simultaneous exhibition on Friday (July 17) 6 p.m. at the Meralco head office in Ortigas.

Bryant will be pitted against some of member of Meralco Chess Club, the GM Joey Antonio-coached RP PARA-Lympics Chess Team, NM Erwin Carag’s La Salle Greenhills Chess Team and Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School of Raul Cruz.

Holding a United States Chess Federation (USCF) 2449 rating, Bryant's mother is Rose from Cebu City.

The one-day event is organized by Meralco Chess Club headed by its president Rolly Sol Cruz in close cooperation with Filipino Missionary Pastor John Michael “Jojo” Culaniban, founding pastor of Heritage Christian Church in Bakersfield, California. BY: MARLON BERNARDINO

IM Sevillano tops Pacific Southwest Open

International Master Enrico “Ikong” Sevillano halved the point with Armenian GM Melikset Khachiyan in the fifth and penultimate round then toppled US Senior Chess Master John Daniel Bryant in the sixth and final round to emerge over-all champion in the 49th annual Pacific Southwest Open last July 6 in Los Angeles, California.

Sevillano, protégée of sportsman/ NM Matias “Bombi” Barcenilla Aznar, finished undefeated with a total of 5.5 points on five wins and draw in six outings.

Armenian GM Khachiyan and Filipino Fide Master Joel Banawa hurdle their respective rivals in the final round to settle for 2nd to 3rd placers with 5.0 points each.

Armenian GM Khachiyan crushed US Master Eric Chapa while Filipino FM Banawa outplayed Japanese Takashi Kurosaki.

Another Filipino entry Remegio Pampliega scored 2.5 points and joints 40th placers along with 11 others. BY MARLON BERNARDINO

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blind plays blitz chess

Have you ever seen a blind chess player playing a blitz game? See it to believe!

In this video, totally blind Francis Ching plays a blitz game against a young kid (son of knyt4k) during the RP PARA Team's visit in Meralco last July 11.

Francis, RP's paralympics multi-gold medalist, brutally beat me in Meralco in Round 3. (I was 2/3 in that goodwill event). HERE is the previous article I posted about Francis.

All I could say was ohhhhh, ahhhhh, and wowwwww during my match against this visually impaired Pinoy talent. What an experience!!!

The way we played, it's he who saw the board with sharper eyes!!!

Watching Francis play reminds me of the immense power of human potentials. Playing with him was an experience worth telling and retelling over and over again.

Back to the video. The very promising boy beat Francis. It's not that Francis had a hard time playing blitz. It's just that the boy was really that good.

Brother knyt4k, could you tell me the name of your son, please?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


If there's a word to describe the meaningful chess event that was staged in Meralco last July 11, it would be "purity."

(As a backgrounder, the Meralco Chess Club organized a one-day, four-team, seven-board, single round robin fund-raising chess tournament in Meralco, Pasig City. Click HERE for the report.)

The smiles and the gazes during that momentous day were pure. Just imagine the smile of an innocent child, oh yeah, simply so touching and enriching to relish. Believe me, the aura during that special event was heaven-like.

Perhaps, Somebody up there blessed the event, as if every moment was meant to happen at the right place and at the right time.

The people, the venue, the food, the interactions, the speeches, the objective, the games, the fun – that is, the spirit of giving, friendship and brotherhood were all there, all good elements molded into a homogeneous joy.

That successful cause-oriented project (the collected funds were donated to the Philippine PARA Chess Team) reminds all of us of the immeasurable strength of the human spirit.

People, indeed, can make things happen. A good cause acted upon by good souls will surely result in the enrichment of human existence.

A small group of individuals proved it last July 11 in Meralco. As the old saying goes, the simplest good deed is better than the grandest intention.

A lot of stories, indeed, can be told about the event. This blog’s space could never be enough to make you re-live the moments.

So let me just share with you some of the photos that captured the essence of that meaningful day (to be provided as a slideshow at the sidebar of this blog, please watch out for it.)

Team members of the Barangay Wesley Chess Club with GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr. and GM Eugene Torre. From left knyt4k, friend of spawn2, son of knyt4k, pulsar, spawn2, GM Antonio, GM Torre, epistle, angelofdeath, son of epistle, rusticbull.


Pasig City
July 11, 2009
by rjsolcruz, MERALCO Chess Club

The ASEAN PARALYMPICS-bound RP Para Team, led by partially blind Rudy Canonigo, won all the team matches in this single round 4-team 7-board fund-raising event for the benefit of our handicapped players.

Brgy Wesley, MERALCO, & youthful La Salle GH won 1 match each with BW landing on 2nd spot with the best games points at 14.5 powered by Pulsar, Rustic Bull, Jet, & Spawn's 2 points a piece.

Canonigo and Francis Ching scored a perfect 3 out of 3 while Abe Peligro and Alexis Elinon tallied 2.5 a piece, Melchor Pizzaro has 1.5 while Rudy Sarmiento and Gigi Bilog contributed 1 pt each.

GMs Eugene Torre and Joey Antonio graced the simple opening ceremony and give inspirational messages to the plaayers.

La Salle's Rhal Sol Cruz has the best performance among the kids with his 2 wins vs PARA's Pizarro and MERALCO's guest player Catolos.

Final Standings
1st - RP PARA, 14.5 pts
2nd - Brgy WESLEY, 11.5
3rd - MERALCO, 10.0
4th - La Salle, 6.0
by IA/NM Erwin Carag

Mayor rules 6th Philweb-Human Plus National Executive Chess

Jenny Mayor halved the point with top seed Philippine Airforce bet National Master Ronald Llavanes in the sixth and final round to emerged over-all champion in the 6th leg of 2009 Philweb Corporation- Human Plus – National Executive Active Chess Championships on Saturday at the Human Resources Development Conference Room of the Department of Agrarian Reform, Elliptical Road, Quezon City.

Mayor, a RP sixth-time Philippine executive Grand-Prix champion, a dentist by profession finished unbeaten with a total 5.0 points on four wins and two draws in six outings to received the top prize of P5,000 in the Group A division, which attracted a total of 17 players on account of 13 National Master and 4 non-master.

The one day event is hosted by Department of Agrarian Reform head Nasser Pangandaman, DARIE director Nelia Manahan, DAREA president Nanette Pascual and DAR top chess player Lito Dormitorio.

The first two legs in Group A were won by Dr. Jenny Mayor while Fide Master Randy Segarra captured the 3rd leg, 4th leg and 5th leg. Emil Chua, meanwhile, took the Group B division title with 5.5 points to went home the top prize of P5,000.

Tied for 2nd to 6th placers with 4.5 points each are Lawyer Cliburn Orbe, businessman Albert Rivera, UE pride Stephen Manzanero, veteran campaigner Ervil Villa and TIP ace Ramel Ramilla.

Chua joint the list winners of Group B that includes lawyer Cliburn Orbe who annexed the first leg, engineer Joseph Galindo, an OFW from Saudi, grabbed the second and third legs, for a back-to back victory.

Anda, Pangasinan pride Verth Alora captured the 4h leg while lawyer Rolando Abo dominates the 5th leg.Philweb Corporation, a Makati-based IT company located at The Enterprise Center in Ayala, is the main sponsor of this event.

There are two divisions: Group A, (Executive Masters and those who have current Standard rating of 2000 and above and Group B (those who have current NCFP Standard rating of 1999 and below or those who are still unrated.)

Qualified to join are professionals with PRC IDs, businessmen, entrepreneur, military officers, government employees and OFWs.There will be 10 legs with the cash-rich 16-man Grand Finals scheduled this year.

The Top 8 from Group A and Group B in Grand Prix standings will advance to the finals. More participation means more Grand Prix points. Free lunch and merienda are served to all participants. For more info please contact the following: Jun Balgan 0926-7650650, Atty. Quirino Sagario 09293143740, Dr. Mayor 7049775 / 0919-478-2209 and Boyet Tardecilla 09166169586.

Final Standings: (17 players on account of 13 National Master, 4 non-master)

Group A:

5.0 points
Dr. Jenny Mayor

4.5 points
NM Ronald Llavanes

4.0 points
NM Ali Branzuela,
NM Jony Habla,
NM Edmundo Gatus,
NM Raymond Salcedo

3.5 points
NM Mirabeau Maga, NM Stewart Manaog

3.0 points
NM Allan Macala
Conrado Diaz
NM Almario Marlon Bernardino Jr.
NM Ric Portagalera, Chito Nepomuceno

2.5 points
NM Efren Bagamasbad

2.0 points
NM Eduardo Agagon

1.5 points
NM Allan Sasot
Fred Sadongdong

(Photo courtesy of philippinechesschronicles)

BY: NM Marlon Bernardino

Thursday, July 9, 2009

GM Su Weili

Mrs. Leny So, the very supportive mother of RP's No.1 woodpusher GM Wesley So, sent me a photo of his prized son taken during his stint in China League 2009.

The photo was a scanned copy of a Chinese newspaper showing Wesley in action against a Chinese player (I don't know the name of his opponent).

I have to content myself with the photo, which speaks of a thousand words anyway.

Seeing Wesley in the picture is enough, forget about the texts.

I just noticed, though, that a little crumpled chess set is being used in this match. I thought that an event of this level would use DGT boards.

Aren't the sponsors of this event the big banks in China?

No wonder why the citizens of Barangay Wesley are having a hard time looking for the PGN of Wesley's games in the China League.

By the way, I hope that you already know by now who GM Su Weili is, haha. Use Babelfish or Google translator.

RP Paralympic Team to play in Meralco

THE GM Rogelio" Joey" Antonio Jr.-coached RP PARA CHESS TEAM will play in a 4-team 1-day tournament in Meralco head office (July 11) at 9:00 am.

The event, which was organized by Meralco Chess Club headed by president Rolly Sol Cruz is a fund-raising event to help our National Team in their training.

The other participating teams whose entry fee will be donated to the PARA are NM Erwin Carag's La Salle Green Hills Chess Team, Barangay Wesley Chess Club, and the host MERALCO Chess Club led by National Master Gerry Cabellon and 2009 Vietnam Asean + Age Group gold medallist Paulo Bersamina.

Last July 3, National Masters Almario Marlon Bernardino Jr., Gerry Cabellon and Andrew Vasquez hold a simultaneous exhibition against 7 from the RP PARA Team played, 4 from Tahanan Walang Hagdanan, and 10 from Meralco Chess Club. The events marked 72nd birthday of Mang Vic Risma, pioneer of Meralco Chess Club.

The results:NM Cabellon, 4W-2D-1L; draws with Rolly Sol Cruz of MERALCO and Cecilio Bilog of PARA, and loss to Melchor Pizarro of PARA.

NM Vasquez, 6W-1D-0L; draw with 11 year old Rhal Sol Cruz, NM Bernardino; 5W-0D-2L; loss from Ricky Tan and Jacqui Ynot of MERALCO. BY: MARLON BERNARDINO

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paulo Bersamina

As the old saying goes, save the best for last.

Did you now the best young Pinoy performer in the 10th ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships in Hue City, Vietnam in terms of medal won?

Let’s lay down the red carpet and give a salute to 11-year old Paulo Bersamina – the most bemedalled player in the said international tournament.

Bersamina brought honors to the Philippines by winning the following medals in the Boys-U12 Category:

1 Gold
- Individual, Rapid

4 Silver
- Team, Standard
- Individual, Blitz
- Team, Blitz
- Team, Rapid

It’s the Boys-U12 duo of Bersamina and fellow gold medalist Austin Jacob Literatus who produced the most number and quality of medals:

RP Boys-U12 medal performance:
- 2 gold
- 4 silver
- 1 bronze

The other gold medalists in the RP contingent were Cherry Anne Mejia (Girls-U14) and Samantha Glo Revita (Girls-U10).

Congratulations, Paulo! May you continue bringing honors to the Philippine flag. God bless!

FIDE Laws of Chess

I already downloaded the revised version (July 1, 2009) of the FIDE Laws of Chess. Here’s the link.

I personally like this latest edition more than the old one. It’s more concise and more understandable to ordinary players.

Check it out. A lot of revisions were introduced.

It is my personal opinion that not only serious and competitive players – but even ordinary players who play chess for fun – should have a copy of the FIDE Laws of Chess.

Treat it as bible in this mind sport.

It’s not enough that we’re good in the game. It’s also important that we know the whole chess battlefield, with all its technicalities, contours, and the likes.

We know that a game can be won or lost – even in international levels – not on the merit of good or bad chess moves but on stupid, or unlearned, technicalities.

The truth is I haven’t finished reading it yet. But I’ll get there soon enough.

Modesty aside, I plan to enter the world of chess arbitration someday. I hope to achieve that goal. Wish me luck . . .


My interest in the just concluded Victory Central Mall Open Chess Championship in Caloocan City turned into curiosity somewhere in the concluding part of the tournament.

My interest in anticipating who would become the eventual champion in a highly competitive and closely fought battle turned into curiosity as to the theory of chess ratings.

Comparing the initial rankings with the final rankings aroused my inquisitiveness. Let’s look again at the rankings:

No.1 GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr.
No.2 GM John Paul Gomez
No.3 IM Richard Bitoon
No.4 GM Darwin Laylo
No.5 GM Mark Paragua

Now, let’s look at the top finishers (out of 73 players):

1 GM LAYLO Darwin
2 GM GOMEZ John Paul
4 IM BITOON Richard
5 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr

As I said in my previous post, the eggs were jumbled, but we still have the same basket.

But what if we are to hold the same event – let’s say, next week – with the same names and number of participants?

What is the probability that the tournament ends up with the same top finishers? Can you provide your own take on this?

Okay, I spotted in the list some notable players who I think performed well in the event.

Notable Juniors:
No.18 Alcon John Datu 5.5

Notable Kiddies:
No.31 Jeremiah Alfonso 5
No.32 Paulo Bersamina 5


Rk. Name Pts.
1 GM LAYLO Darwin 7
2 GM GOMEZ John Paul 7
3 GM PARAGUA Mark 6.5
4 IM BITOON Richard 6.5
5 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr 6.5
6 ARROYO Christian 6.5
7 FM CARLOS Leonardo 6.5
8 IM NADERA Barlo A 6
9 GM GONZALES Jayson 6
10 LEGASPI Rhobel 6
11 CAUSO Deniel 6
12 IM GARMA Chito 6
14 MANAOG Stewart 6
15 LABAY Rainer 6
16 SENADOR Emmanuel 5.5
17 GARMA Edgardo 5.5
18 DATU Alcon John 5.5
20 ANDADOR Rolando 5.5
21 IM NOLTE Rolando 5.5
22 ARGUELLES Efren 5.5
24 BITOON Jimson 5
25 FM PACIS Adrian 5
26 MAGA Mirabeau 5
27 EVANGELISTA Ritchie 5
28 RICANA Leodegario 5
29 LLAVANES Ronald 5
30 RUBIO Lloyd 5
31 ALFONSO Jeremiah 5
32 BERSAMINA Paulo 5
33 DIAZ Conrado 5
34 DELA CRUZ Richard 4.5
35 SUELO Roberto Jr 4.5
36 TRAJERA Ryan 4.5
AGAGON Eduardo 4.5
38 ALIDANI Leonardo 4.5
39 PANGILINAN Rolando 4.5
40 MILAGROSA Alexander 4
41 MACALA Allan 4
42 ARMENDI Alfredo Jr 4
43 CAUNTE Juancho 4
44 PEREZ Mirham 4
45 VILLATE Raul 4
46 TUMLOS Lex 4
47 BALTAZAR Melwyn Kenneth 4
49 ERESTAIN Elmer 4
50 LOPEZ Pepe 4
51 ELORTA David 3.5
53 PATES Rodolfo 3.5
54 OBOGNE Joel 3.5
55 SALUTAN Melvin 3
56 ALVIZ Jaime 3
57 SAGARIO Quirino 3
58 CACHO Robert 3
59 BARCELONA Perlito Jr. 3
60 TIU Sean Mervick 3
61 TOMAS Jazer Joseph 3
63 CARINO Raul 2.5
64 RIVERA Joselito 2
65 DE PAZ Deorico Jr. 2
66 LOPEZ Eva 2
67 CUNTAPAY Cris 1.5
68 GUTIERREZ Dennis Iii 1.5
69 AGBUNAG Ryan 1
70 OPANO Virgilio 1
71 CRUZ Michael 0.5
72 IM BANCOD Ronald 0
73 CAPUYON Marcelino 0